Reducing carbon footprint to save energy benefits the environment

All efforts can help lower carbon footprint and conserve energy for future generations

Each step you take to save more energy and work for the environmental causes will certainly have positive impact. Look for more ways how to save energy and you will benefit from the move.


There are many ways to save more energy.

All efforts certainly can help you to lower the carbon footprints and conserve energy for the future generations. Extreme climate changes can be stalled if less energy is used at work, home and play.

Start with simple steps like car pooling or walking short distances to run errands, it will not just help your health, but also help environment. Few steps are discussed here on your approaches for how to save energy.

Turn the TV, microwave, PC and stereo when not in use. You can also put it on standby or power saver mode
Get appliances with energy star rating of highest level only
Solar lighting could be used for outdoors like porch, garden and pool. There are inexpensive yet decorative solar lighting if you want how to save energy.

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Sunlight can also be an alternative source of energy.

Dry wash your clothes as they will smell fresher and better as you wear it Setting fridge to 5°C is preferable and leaves space so air can escape out when required consuming minimum energy
Water system for hot and cold water must be put off when you are away from home for long Each time if you leave the room with lights on there will be lot of waste, try and switch them off CFL or compact fluorescent bulbs can be used as they absorb less power
A full dishwasher should only be turned for use instead of washing 2-3 dishes only How to save energy is not a burning question, how you manage to save energy in your small ways is what matters. Save money.