Enhance Cannabis growth through cannabis netting.

Cannabis netting is increasingly carried out by cannabis farmers due to its importance.

Enhance Cannabis growth through cannabis netting

Cannabis netting is becoming more common due to the number of benefits they offer. Just like the pine tree, the cannabis is a plant that usually grows very long, ending with a big bud at the top, while every branch also has a little cola at the end. Based on this, there is the need to support the stem of the plant so that it does not get broken. Furthermore, there is also the issue of growing of cannabis indoors. When cannabis is grown outdoor, it is still easier for every part of the plant to have access to light, due to the movement of the sun from the east to the west. This is however not the case when they are planted indoors. Since the light that penetrates into the house is majorly from a particular side, it might be difficult for every part of the plant to have access to light. Cannabis netting, therefore, become vital to ensure that every part of the plant is able to have access to light. Netting is generally a form of plant training, espalier or trellis netting for plants.

cannabis netting

The cannabis network is the product that is being used the most because of the advantages it offers.

When you want to carry out cannabis netting, the best time to do this is when the cannabis has begun to bring out flower. This is due to the fact that the plant will not be able to move once it has been netted. You should be patient until your cannabis starts to bring out flower. Once you notice this, then you can follow the steps below for netting you cannabis.

Place trellis on the plant

Once you observe that your cannabis has started flowering, you should place a trellis on them. You can use molded or extruded nylon string, plastic netting or similar items that can support your cannabis by giving it a strong structure. Do not use thin wires or strings including lines for fishing, as it might penetrate into the tissue of the plant and harm the plant. What you should do is to produce some holes in a grid manner and then weave the buds and branches of the plant into them. You might decide to use a fence, but this could be very expensive, compared to other options such as using a plastic or espalier net.

trellis on the plant

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Branches weaving

The next step after the trellis has being put in place is to carry out branches weaving. By the time your cannabis starts to flower, it should already be lanky and long. You can bend the branches into the grids that you have made. Even though the plant should not be hurt by doing this, you have to be careful that the branch does not snap while weaving them. Just bend them and ensure the branches are properly weaved. You should subsequently bend the branches into parts of the net where there is still space as the length of the plant continues to increase.

Ensure every hole has just one bud site

As your plant continues to grow, there is going to be a lot of buds all around the trellis’ top. You should however ensure that for every grid holes, only a single bud site is required in it. You should therefore be observant and take time to remove the added buds from any grid hole that has more than one bud in the hole. The benefits of carrying out this step is that the single bud site in the grid hole will be able to maximize such space and grow to become very large, compared to when there are so many bud sites, struggling for the hole.

Mallajuana netting

In addition to providing support to the plants, the lattice network also manages the space of the field of crops.

Side canopy creation

You may decide to carry out a side canopy creation so that you have a sort of vertical netting for the cannabis as well. All you will have to do in this case is follow the 3 steps highlighted above for creating vertical netting for the 4 sides of your cannabis farm. When you carry out proper cannabis netting, you can be sure that you will get a bigger harvest by the time the cannabis is ready to be harvested, compared to when you do not perform any sort of cannabis netting or when they were not properly done.