Cannabis netting – trellising cannabis growth

Growth of Cannabis

Cannabis in general is a tall plant species and looks very much like pine trees at first sight. They are characterized by a small bud on top and a small cola at each branch end.

They are ideally grown outdoors so that subsequent and necessary sunlight is provided for their growth. As the sun shines through the day, from east to west, all branches of these tall specimens receive enough sunlight for proper growth and nourishment. Thus growing of cannabis outdoors requires very little attention and is somewhat a very convenient cultivation habit.

But the situation is entirely different in the case of indoor cultivation of cannabis. They grow less healthy because of the inconsistent pattern of sunlight throughout the day. When growing Cannabis or any crop indoors, the sunlight exposure is stationary or even over a certain area but not at all inconsistent throughout the structure of the plant. A person cultivating cannabis indoors should also ensure that the canopy is evenly distributed. Thus, growing cannabis indoors is a quite challenging task while its outdoor cultivation could not be easier.

Use of cannabis netting

As indoor cultivation of Cannabis requires some methods to account for its drawbacks, we generally incorporate cannabis netting or trellising for these crops. This is mainly incorporated for spreading the sunlight evenly and uniformly resulting in better plant growth. The main idea is to develop the plant canopy into a more uniform one thus establishing the structural aspects for a uniform spread of sunlight. These cannabis nettings cause the plant structure to grow sideways instead of vertically upwards leading to the desired effects.

Thus the underlying concept is to mimic the original or outdoor sunlight exposure so that these plants can grow naturally and to its full potential. This is done by brining all top nodes of each branch to equal distances from the light source. All this has proven benefits and statistics show a subsequent increase (up to 30%) in yield of indoor cannabis after employing these techniques. SCROG net, SOG net are some of the common products used for implementing cannabis netting indoors. And SOG netting is also a well known netting structure.

Steps to implement trellising or cannabis netting

Trellising is done for indoor crop cultivation. This is done to position branch nodes so as to provide a uniform distribution of sunlight throughout the plant structure. Once cannabis netting is incorporated, the specimen becomes immobile and is thus restricted to grow in a specified pattern. The whole process should start by the first stages of pruning and shaping them so that the subsequent steps mentioned below can be carried out. So once this is done, the following steps are carried out in the same exact order.

  1. A trellising or netting is provided above the indoor cultivation of cannabis. This can be done with the help of proper material of nets which would create a solid structure without affecting the plants. Usually nylon or plastic are the materials preferred. Also ensure that no thin wiring is used as it can cause damage to the plant tissue. The basic idea is to create a grid like framework on which subsequent steps can be done. Buds and branches are weaved through these grids and a rigid setup would be the end result. Chain link fencing is the best option out there in terms of durability and quality, but its cost which is approximately 75 times as that of plastic ones does discourage many people from using them.

  2. As the next step, we weave the branches through these grids. As these plants are constantly growing, they adjust themselves to their new growth pattern implemented using these structures. Once the plant grows taller, we should weave it further through existing gaps. All these steps provide an even distribution of sunlight for the cannabis crops.

  3. Adjust the positions of these branches so that a single bud site is seen at each trellis hole. This ensures the best yield for the cannabis cultivation.

  4. If possible, expand the cultivation by implementing a side canopy. This can be done by using vertical trellis on each side of the cultivation and following steps 1-3 to finish it up.

All these results in healthy and natural cannabis indoor farm i.e. a sea of green support system.

Enhance Cannabis growth through cannabis netting.

Cannabis netting is increasingly carried out by cannabis farmers due to its importance.

Enhance Cannabis growth through cannabis netting

Cannabis netting is becoming more common due to the number of benefits they offer. Just like the pine tree, the cannabis is a plant that usually grows very long, ending with a big bud at the top, while every branch also has a little cola at the end. Based on this, there is the need to support the stem of the plant so that it does not get broken. Furthermore, there is also the issue of growing of cannabis indoors. When cannabis is grown outdoor, it is still easier for every part of the plant to have access to light, due to the movement of the sun from the east to the west. This is however not the case when they are planted indoors. Since the light that penetrates into the house is majorly from a particular side, it might be difficult for every part of the plant to have access to light. Cannabis netting, therefore, become vital to ensure that every part of the plant is able to have access to light. Netting is generally a form of plant training, espalier or trellis netting for plants.

cannabis netting

The cannabis network is the product that is being used the most because of the advantages it offers.

When you want to carry out cannabis netting, the best time to do this is when the cannabis has begun to bring out flower. This is due to the fact that the plant will not be able to move once it has been netted. You should be patient until your cannabis starts to bring out flower. Once you notice this, then you can follow the steps below for netting you cannabis.

Place trellis on the plant

Once you observe that your cannabis has started flowering, you should place a trellis on them. You can use molded or extruded nylon string, plastic netting or similar items that can support your cannabis by giving it a strong structure. Do not use thin wires or strings including lines for fishing, as it might penetrate into the tissue of the plant and harm the plant. What you should do is to produce some holes in a grid manner and then weave the buds and branches of the plant into them. You might decide to use a fence, but this could be very expensive, compared to other options such as using a plastic or espalier net.

trellis on the plant

To give a great support to your cultivation of cannabis the lattice network MallaJuana.

Branches weaving

The next step after the trellis has being put in place is to carry out branches weaving. By the time your cannabis starts to flower, it should already be lanky and long. You can bend the branches into the grids that you have made. Even though the plant should not be hurt by doing this, you have to be careful that the branch does not snap while weaving them. Just bend them and ensure the branches are properly weaved. You should subsequently bend the branches into parts of the net where there is still space as the length of the plant continues to increase.

Ensure every hole has just one bud site

As your plant continues to grow, there is going to be a lot of buds all around the trellis’ top. You should however ensure that for every grid holes, only a single bud site is required in it. You should therefore be observant and take time to remove the added buds from any grid hole that has more than one bud in the hole. The benefits of carrying out this step is that the single bud site in the grid hole will be able to maximize such space and grow to become very large, compared to when there are so many bud sites, struggling for the hole.

Mallajuana netting

In addition to providing support to the plants, the lattice network also manages the space of the field of crops.

Side canopy creation

You may decide to carry out a side canopy creation so that you have a sort of vertical netting for the cannabis as well. All you will have to do in this case is follow the 3 steps highlighted above for creating vertical netting for the 4 sides of your cannabis farm. When you carry out proper cannabis netting, you can be sure that you will get a bigger harvest by the time the cannabis is ready to be harvested, compared to when you do not perform any sort of cannabis netting or when they were not properly done.

Take care of your body with the best health remedies

Home Remedies ideal for maintaining health

Water: drinking water after waking up is like an alarm clock for your metabolism and wakes up your internal organs.

When you wake up your body is naturally dehydrated from breathing, sweating, or any other activities you may engage in during the night so it’s time to refill the tank. More importantly water removes toxins from the blood.

Apple Cider Vinegar: helps break up mucous throughout the body and cleanse the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes filter foreign crap that’s tryna fuck you up so when they are clogged your immune system can’t function as it should! ACV can help with allergies because of its ability to reduce mucous and sinus congestion.


You can create medicinal remedies with the cannabis plant.

It can also help with skin problems; I feel that the combination of taking it orally and using it as a toner helps keep my skin free of breakouts.

Lemon: alkalizing for the body and helps restore balance to your body’s pH. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that work against infections like the flu and colds.

Turmeric: powerful anti-inflammatory effects. We have inflammation all over our bodies and it’s usually the underlying cause for many chronic conditions.

cannabis netting

Another thing that can also be used as a medicinal remedy is apple cider vinegar because it helps with allergies and skin problems.

So I take it for more preventative measures because I’ll be damned if I end up with high blood pressure or diabetes.

Cayenne Pepper: stimulates the digestive tract by increasing the flow of enzyme production and gastric juices. That helps your body metabolize food and toxins. Cayenne warms you up and also stimulates the release of mucus from the respiratory passages.
While I’m drinking this I continually have to spit up mucous. You would be surprised what’s lurking in your system even if you don’t feel congested

health remedies with cannabis

Also, cayenne pepper is used as a remedy to stimulate the digestive tract.

Reducing carbon footprint to save energy benefits the environment

All efforts can help lower carbon footprint and conserve energy for future generations

Each step you take to save more energy and work for the environmental causes will certainly have positive impact. Look for more ways how to save energy and you will benefit from the move.


There are many ways to save more energy.

All efforts certainly can help you to lower the carbon footprints and conserve energy for the future generations. Extreme climate changes can be stalled if less energy is used at work, home and play.

Start with simple steps like car pooling or walking short distances to run errands, it will not just help your health, but also help environment. Few steps are discussed here on your approaches for how to save energy.

Turn the TV, microwave, PC and stereo when not in use. You can also put it on standby or power saver mode
Get appliances with energy star rating of highest level only
Solar lighting could be used for outdoors like porch, garden and pool. There are inexpensive yet decorative solar lighting if you want how to save energy.

cannabis netting

Sunlight can also be an alternative source of energy.

Dry wash your clothes as they will smell fresher and better as you wear it Setting fridge to 5°C is preferable and leaves space so air can escape out when required consuming minimum energy
Water system for hot and cold water must be put off when you are away from home for long Each time if you leave the room with lights on there will be lot of waste, try and switch them off CFL or compact fluorescent bulbs can be used as they absorb less power
A full dishwasher should only be turned for use instead of washing 2-3 dishes only How to save energy is not a burning question, how you manage to save energy in your small ways is what matters. Save money.